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Betmotion has been a great reference in Latin America for some years now. The platform, which was a great reference in American territory because of bingo and poker, is now covering sports betting.

If you like to follow poker nights on ESPN channels, then you must have seen some tables being frequented by renowned players with their caps stamped with the little orange exclamation point, a Betmotion’s very characteristic symbol. The site’s been expanding its strategy in the gambling business to reach international markets and sports betting.

And after all, this is great news for bettors who are passionate about sports that can become income with sports betting. Even more for beginners since Betmotion is one of the main bookmakers when it comes to promotions. A proof of this is their welcome bonus for new users of 150% on the first deposit.

Create your account to bet on Betmotion
Betmotion is an excellent bookmaker for beginners. Besides the excellent variety of markets, the platform also offers several promotions to its users. Click on the button below to create your account and get to know this betting website.

Today, we’re going to do a complete review on Betmotion so you can understand if it’s worth using this betting site for your profile. Let’s go!

bonus betmotion de 150%

How to bet on Betmotion?

Betmotion is a very visually pleasing website. The colors are based on the brand’s own logo with a good contrast between dark blue and orange. The experience for those who are already acquainted with betting sites is quite natural since it uses the same logic as other platforms.

When you register, they require as little information as possible so the future user doesn’t give up halfway. It’s even a very interesting strategy, as they only ask for the information that is strictly necessary to open an account. Eventually, it’s necessary to complete your registration by adding your address and ID.

Como apostar na Betmotion?

Betting on Betmotion is also extremely simple, especially if you already use a bookmaker. The dynamics are very similar as you can watch on the video below that was recorded during World Cup:

Is Betmotion trustworthy?

A Betmotion é confiável?

The doubts of any bettor who still doesn’t know a particular betting site are to know if that site isn’t a scam and if you can trust your hard-earned money there. Well, Betmotion is a very secure site and has a good reputation in the countries where it’s present. It already works with a SSL certificate, including a high-quality information encryption provided by Norton.

Also, Betmotion has a huge structure! Their headquarter is in Uruguay, where thousands of people perform the most diverse functions. The risk and fraud department is one of them. Although it may delay some deposits, it’s an important point for your account’s security.

Another highlight is that the platform has been working online with sports betting since 2009. No betting website can stay more than 10 years in business and with regulation without showing a minimum of professionalism.

Therefore, Betmotion is a reliable betting website and you can easily create your account and deposit there. They’re very respectful of your money and even offer good communication in many languages, something that certainly helps us a lot.

Do you want to bet on Betmotion?
Betmotion is one of the most trustworthy bookmakers in the world. That’s why it’s the right place for you to start betting. Click on the button below and don’t worry: the Betmotion website will open in a new tab, it won’t interrupt your reading.

Our Betmotion review

Now that you know Betmotion a little better about Betmotion and the reasons why we trust the platform, we can start the analysis itself.

The site’s focus is clearly on recreational users who enjoy browsing through the many entertainment options available. So if you like to bet on your favorite sport and also enjoy slots, slot machines, casino games, roulette, blackjack and many others, you’ll be very well served.

Today the idea is to do a complete review on this betting site. To achieve that, we use our standard methodology that includes the most important criteria for any bettor. They are:

  1. Navigation
  2. Bonuses and Promotions
  3. Payment methods
  4. Markets offered
  5. Odds
  6. Customer Service
  7. Tools and Differentials
  8. Limitation

As our review is a bit long, there is no need to read everything we write. You can select the most important points for your bettor profile and check if Betmotion is what you’re looking for, ok? 😉

Betmotion’s navigation is slow

A navegação da Betmotion é lenta

Finding a betting site that is extremely fast and offers exactly the match you want in the chosen championship in a blink of an eye isn’t an easy task nowaday. However, Betmotion could improve in this aspect.

The first access to choose a new market to bet on can take a very long time until all the events are loaded. And it’s not just in case that this happens. While competitors have around five to seven applications running simultaneously “behind the scenes”, Betmotion manages to reach an incredible number of 17 applications. Of course this impacts the loading process.

In terms of appearance, Betmotion uses nice colors on a white background. It’s not any masterpiece visually, but the experience of browsing the site is nice from an aesthetic point of view. The biggest problem is really the speed.

How to find matches on Betmotion?

The search for matches on Betmotion is very similar to other websites. You have a central area with the highlights of the day while the menus complement your navigation.

  • Top menu: organizes the main pages on Betmotion, allowing easy access to sports, live matches, promotions, casino, bingo and slots.
  • Side menu: lists the main sports and competitions through which you can add filters to find matches.
 localizar uma partida

A pro of the platform is that the match filter is done directly using the side menu. On other sites, we need a few clicks to select the desired matches. In this way, you’re able to really customize what will be presented.

filtro de jogos

There’s no secret to use this site: just choose the desired matches to bet on and a market to invest in, after that use the bet coupon to confirm the amount. In case you still have any questions, the video at the beginning of this page can help you bet on Betmotion.

Escolhendo uma aposta na Betmotion

Betmotion Mobile: you can bet using your cell phone

Betmotion also offers a mobile app for its users. It allows you to place your bets even away from the computer, something that helps a lot those bettors who have a more hectic and unpredictable routine.

The mobile platform is similar to its desktop version but charging time for phones and tablets is very convenient. The features work, as well as the bet slip (with easy access at the top of the screen) and the search field. It’s a great option for those who want to bet with a few clicks.

Como apostar pelo Betmotion Mobile?

Bonuses and promotions are Betmotion’s specialty

Bônus e promoções são a especialidade da Betmotion

If Betmotion disappoints in terms of navigation with its above-average slowness, it makes up for it with the bonuses and promotions. Undoubtedly, this platform is one of the best in the area.

First of all, the deposit bonus is very attractive. While most sites apply 100% on your first deposit, on Betmotion the bonus is 150%. Which means that if you deposit $100, you’ll have $150. However, two points need to be clarified here:

  • Bookmakers are always updating their bonuses. It’s always recommended to check if the promotion is active and, above all, what are the rules and conditions defined to avoid future problems.
  • The bonus will require you to perform a rollover (a number of bets placed before withdrawing the money) equivalent to five times the total amount using odds equal to or greater than @1.50. It’s important to keep in mind that the withdrawal won’t be authorized before it’s been completed, ok?

I’ve already tried it and the bonus is really good. After all, it’s a deposit bonus that you’ll bet as if it was your balance. It’s also important to mention that the limits of the offer depend on the chosen currency. Once again we reinforce that you read the promotion rules calmly.

Which are the promotions on Betmotion?

Despite the great appeal of the bonus, it has a relatively short duration. After the first deposit, you’re no longer eligible for the offer. However, on Betmotion this isn’t a problem: the site is recognized by the market for its daily promotions.

One that pops up frequently is a deposit bonus associated with a great match. In the 2020 Copa Libertadores final, for example, deposits made with the FINAL promotional code received a 50% increase in the amount.

Bônus betmotion

There are also other more specific promotions (most of them during large events). This is the case of the Club World Cup, where Betmotion promised to refund 50% of bets on matches that ended 0x0. Or the offer of an amount if your friends joined the website. Anyway, there’s plenty of opportunities for those who love special promotions.

Quais são as promoções da Betmotion?

How to benefit from Betmotion’s bonus?

One of the pros of benefiting from Betmotion’s bonuses and promotions is the extra money we have in our account. And the best part is that there are several ways you can use this additional capital.

First, of course, you can consider it as part of your bankroll and use it on your sports betting. However, there are even more interesting ways to use it such as applying the guaranteed profit method on Betfair or taking the opportunity to try a new strategy. The video below can help you with the usage of your bonus:

Great variety of payment methods on Betmotion

Ótima variedade para sacar e depositar na Betmotion

Betmotion offers all the most popular ways to deposit on betting sites, from online transfers to credit cards and digital wallets. It’s very unlikely that you won’t be able to deposit because the deposit method you’d like isn’t available.

However, there’s room for improvement. Betmotion was very smart in removing some information from the registration form to ask for it only at the time of the first deposit, such as ID and address but since this information must be verified it may delay the balance update a little.

The big problem is that until they finish the verification your balance isn’t credited so you cannot bet in the meantime, and usually the process takes about 48 hours. A solution would be to do as most sites do: the user can’t withdraw until the documentation is approved. This would at least allow the user to bet while their documents are checked.

How to deposit on Betmotion?

As we’ve mentioned before, Betmotion’s deposit methods won’t let you down. Basically, we have every possible option among the top betting sites, such as:

  • Bank transfers
  • Digital wallets / E-wallets
  • Bitcoin
Como depositar na Betmotion?

Notice, therefore, that there are a wide variety of methods to deposit at Betmotion — it even includes cryptocurrency deposits.

How to withdrawal from Betmotion?

A common problem we find on betting sites is the time to withdraw money. Depositing is easy, but when it’s time to cash our jackpot out… On Betmotion, we have no history of problems between users who follow the company’s rules and (of course) have no rollover pending.

When you need to request a withdraw, the available methods are almost the same. We can withdraw our money using one of the following ways:

  • Bank transfers
  • Digital wallets
  • Bitcoin

Plenty of sports for you to bet on Betmotion

Esportes aos montes para você apostar na Betmotion

During the 2 hours + we spent browsing and betting on the site, we didn’t miss any specific sport. Most championships are available on Betmotion, including others not so traditional like the Russian Premier League which offered a good variety of markets for those who wanted to bet on Zenit, for example.

Personally speaking, I really like volleyball and I was pleased to see the odds for some very important championships there. In addition, we’ve also seen some matches available for live betting that included information such as: which team was attacking, shots on goal and number of corners.

For those looking for horse or greyhound racing, e.g., perhaps this isn’t the best website, given the fact that we browsed a lot through the menus and didn’t find these options to bet on. However, Betmotion offers the main sports that bettors like to invest in such as football, tennis, basketball, volleyball and MMA.

Another limitation is for those looking for markets outside the sport to bet on. The platform even has some specials, mainly about politics but they are rare compared to what we’ve seen on some competitors’ sites.

The markets available to bet on

Talking about the markets offered to bet on Betmotion, you’ll find options similar to other sites. The traditional Odds (1×2), Goals (Under/Over), Both Teams To Score and Asian Handicap markets have a strong presence in the matches.

Beyond that, we also find alternative and recreational markets such as Players Who Will Score, Half-time Result, First Half/Second Half, Correct Score, Who Will Score the 1st Goal, among others. It’s not a site that offers exotic and special markets, but it doesn’t disappoint recreational bettors either.

A very positive point is the arrangement of these events. Betmotion uses the space on its website very well to be able to offer its markets. The filters located throughout the game screen also help but it lacks better options such as “goals” and “Asian odds”, widely used by more advanced bettors.

Os mercados disponíveis para apostar

When there is a relationship between the betting lines, as we find in the goals market (Under/Over), they’re distributed one under the other in a logical way. So you can see the odds for a match sequentially. It’s something quite simple, but it makes browsing and the experience much more user-friendly.

mercado de gols

Also don’t underestimate Betmotion’s creativity. It was even able to open an exclusive market for Clube da Aposta during our company’s Losing Weight Challenge — and it didn’t hit the favorites… Check it out:

mercado correspondente

Other kinds of bets on Betmotion

As you may already know, bookmakers also bring with them a good variety of games of chance on their websites. Although they’re much more fun than a way to earn money consistently, they’re available on the platforms.

We’ll briefly show these possibilities but remember to use spare money, as the odds are always in Betmotion’s favor.

Betmotion Casino: how does it work?

The first way to play on Betmotion is the casino. Here, you’ll find classics such as roulette and Blackjack, as well as other types of games that are very common in casinos. By the way, this is a very strong area of the website.

Something to be careful here is with promotions. Traditionally, betting sites make a lot of money off users on this casino area so the bonuses offered are very attractive, but don’t get carried away by it, ok? Be reasonable when using the Betmotion casino.

Betmotion Bingo: how does it work?

Another one on Betmotion worth mentioning is its bingo, which is nothing more than another form of game that the site offers its users in order to diversify the activities available. The same recommendations that we mentioned about the casino goes here.

On Betmotion, bingo games are divided into a few rooms:

  • Bingo Mania
  • Super Bingo
  • Magic Bingo
  • Show Ball
  • Fortune Bingo

Betmotion Poker: how does it work?

Finally, Betmotion also has an area to play Poker, also divided into several rooms. This is a platform’s activity that is quite similar to sports betting since you use analyse strategies and odds.

So if you like playing poker with your friends, you can make good use of this area on Betmotion to liven up your free time. Just remember the usual recommendation: bankroll management so you don’t lose more money than you’d like per game.

Betmotion odds and quotations disappoint

As odds e cotas da Betmotion decepcionam

This is certainly Betmotion’s weakest point: the odds and quotes offered. As it’s a website with a large structure, it was expected that it’d have a good team of traders capable of managing their margins well, thus resulting in more competitive odds.

According to our experience, Betmotion falls behind its main competitors in this regard. Although it has improved its pricing recently, bringing it closer to its recreational competitors, it’s still a website very far from offering competitive odds like Betfair and Pinnacle.

This, alongside navigation, is Betmotion’s downside. And as odds directly influence our sports betting earnings, this is a critical point the company should improve.

Betmotion has one of the best customer services

A Betmotion tem um dos melhores suportes ao cliente

After the (fair) criticism of the odds offered by Betmotion, we must praise the service offered by the company. It’s indeed one of the best services offered among the betting sites.

Betmotion’s support team is very attentive. People are proactive and don’t just answer your questions but also bring good solutions to your problem. Unlike most of the websites we know, they aren’t robotic beings that limit themselves to copying and pasting ready-made answers, but good-humored attendants who respond to the jokes and kindness of their customers.

And we already know quite well that in some bookmakers it’s really hard from the very first moment to contact the support team. This isn’t what we see on Betmotion, a company that offers a live chat service at the bottom of your screen. You’re promptly taken care of, without having to leave the page you are on.

This is a good initiative that teaches websites that huge investments aren’t required in order to have quality service. All it takes is a friendly platform and well-trained and interested employees and the rest will happen naturally.

Betmotion’s tools: what is offered to the bettor?

As for the Betmotion tools, truth be told: there’s not much difference from what we have on other betting sites. The platform has streaming service in some matches but our experience was not positive. I’ve never been able to watch a match there without problems.

What really is a pro is the opportunity to close your bets before the end of a match — the famous cash out button. So if you want to guarantee your profit when there’s pressure from the opposing team or even save a part of the money in that bet that turned out to be very bad, you have that chance.

In case you’re curious, here’s how this tool works:

Does Betmotion restrict its users?

A recurring problem among bookmakers is restriction. In other words, the action that some betting websites take to prevent profitable users from betting high amounts (consequently bringing losses to the company).

Unfortunately, Betmotion also takes this action. This means that, when you start “bothering” the company’s balance, you’ll inevitably notice a reduction in the amount of money you can invest in matches. It’s a protection that recreational bookmakers adopt and we can’t escape this scenario.

I had this problem on the platform myself. Right on my first deposit, I requested a bonus and tried to bet 500 euros on a match. The bet was quickly capped at 350 euros. This kind of thing brings a not-so-positive image for professional bettors.

I was restricted! What can I do?

In defense of Betmotion, it’s a fact that the platform is entirely aimed at the recreational and beginner bettors. Just look at what is offered: lots of offers, promotions and an aggressive welcome bonus. For that reason its target isn’t professional bettors.

So if you realize that you’re being profitable and you’re restricted by the platform, don’t worry! Just switch to a professional betting site that will offer better odds and also never restrict your account. This is the case with Pinnacle, our recommendation for anyone who wants to take their betting seriously.

Create your account on Pinnacle and bet without restrictions
Pinnacle is one of bettors’ favorite bookmakers. In addition to having the best odds in the market, it still doesn’t restrict its users. Create your account by clicking on the button below:


Do you want to start betting on Betmotion?

Did you like our review? So we believe you’ll really enjoy betting on Betmotion, especially if you’re just starting out in sports betting!

The bonus is very interesting. Also, the company will constantly offer opportunities with its daily promotions. Not to mention the excellent quality of Betmotion’s service, always ready to help its customers.

To access the exclusive bonus, click on the banner below and enter “clubex5” in the promotional code. Just like that! =)

bonus betmotion de 150%
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Frequently Asked Questions about Betmotion

To officially end our article, we’ve sorted out some of the common questions we receive from our users. So if you have any questions about this betting site, it’ill probably be answered right below.

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Humberto Alves

Hi there! You can call me Beto! I'm 32 years old, graduated in Business Management and now I'm doing my second degree in Statistics and Data Science, which is really helpful to bring the Machine Learning models applied in sports betting that you see here. Even though I'm in this betting world since 2010, there's still a lot to be learned.

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