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Clube da Aposta is always looking for the best bookmakers available in the market and as you probably already know, Pinnacle has joined our list of recommendations. So today we’re going to completely analyse this platform with all its pros and cons.

Pinnacle is currently one of the main bookmakers out there being often used by professional bettors. Among its main advantages are its odds (the most competitive in the market) and the non-limitation of profitable users. If you want to know more about Pinnacle, make sure you check out the complete review of this bookmaker that we’ve prepared for you!

Create your account to bet on Pinnacle
Pinnacle is one of bettors’ favorite bookmakers. In addition to having the best odds in the market, it still doesn’t restrict its users. Create your account by clicking on the button below:


How to bet on Pinnacle?

Pinnacle is one of professional bettors’ favorite bookies — and this is no accident. The odds offered by the bookmaker are really competitive often better than its main competitors in the market. You can check it by yourself when comparing the odds of different matches.

A pro is that if you’re already involved in the sports betting market, there are no big differences in the way we make our investments within the platform. On the other hand, if you’re just starting out check out the video above we made teaching you how to bet on Pinnacle. It’ll be very important to help you understand the other topics of our review.

Is Pinnacle trustworthy?

One of the main things we’re often asked about the bookmakers we recommend is their reliability. A key aspect is regulation. And that you’ll find on Pinnacle since it’s regulated and supervised as well as many other safe options in the market.

This means that there are a number of musts Pinnacle itself needs to fulfill, which includes the availability of cash for payouts. Right below you can take a look at an excerpt highlighted by the platform itself attesting its reliability.

Besides that the website is concerned with other important issues such as the security of your data, payout on time and respect for users — unlike other bookmakers, winning and profitable bettors are still welcome. Not to mention that they’ve been in the business for more than 20 years.

So rest assured: Pinnacle is a trustworthy bookmaker and you can use it without any worries.

Our complete review on Pinnacle

Now that you already know a little bit about Pinnacle. Let’s then move on to the review of the items that are part of our complete evaluation of a good bookmaker.

In case you’re still not familiar with our assessment system, we’ve sorted out the most important points to keep an eye on a betting site. The idea, more than showing our general opinion of a website, is to have a solid comparative base in order to better understand our criteria and that you can do it on the websites of your choice as well.

Therefore, our criteria are the following:

  • Navigation
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Payment methods
  • Markets offered
  • Odds
  • Customer Service
  • Tools and Differentials
  • Limitation

Ready? So let’s start!

Follow along our Pinnacle review
From now on let’s take a look at a series of criteria about Pinnacle. We invite you to open the website to test each of the elements directly on your computer to really experience it. Click on the button below to access the platform:

Pinnacle’s navigation is excellent

Pinnacle is a professional betting site used by punters who takes their sporting investments seriously. So the first thing you must know is that it’s not going to be too careful about a user-friendly layout — something that might turn beginners off.

However, you probably won’t have any problems with it. There are customization options for the screen and you can choose among three different types of layout: “future view” (modern and minimalist), “beta view” (using stronger and accented colors) and “Asian view” (a not-so-pretty view focused on the Asian market). Personally, I like the “future view” better, but you can try each one to see which you prefer.

The website’s layout is very similar to other popular betting platforms. In other words, we’re talking about a central area with highlights, a list of sports on the left side and links to direct areas on the top.

Like other betting sites, Pinnacle isn’t exactly marvelous in terms of speed and loading. However, the delay to open a match or a page isn’t even close to something annoying that will make you want to throw your computer away.

Furthermore, it’s very easy to navigate between pages on the site. The top menu allows a series of quick adjustments like dark mode, the kind of bets you’d prefer placing (single bets or multiple bets) and even the odds model.

How to find matches on Pinnacle?

When it comes to sports and championships, the platform’s navigation is a strong point. You can quickly find the main sports and competitions on the left side menu, traditionally used for this purpose. It’s even possible to select your favorite competitions making the access easier.

pinnacle favorite leagues

I also find the competition filters very useful. You can easily select featured matches (the more popular ones), matches happening live or even open a list of leagues in alphabetical order. It’s very simple and intuitive to find the matches you’re looking for.

Finally, when you are on the screen of a match the traditional market filters help you identify which ones you’d rather invest in. It’s also easy to change the sport or even the championship using the info just above the game. On other bookmakers’ websites, the path this is usually more difficult and requires you to go back to the previous pages.

Pinnacle’s live centre

Little by little, Pinnacle has been implementing improvements in its platform in order to provide a better experience for its users. That’s how its “live centre” arrived: an area of the website focused on matches being played in real time.

This is a great feature for bettors who like to follow matches live since it allows you to check on a match before placing a bet. It also offers the most important markets for professional punters: 1×2, Asian Handicap and Over/Under. It’s important that you notice that for the last two you can quickly click on the arrows and see other lines from those markets available to bet on.

Pinnacle Mobile: how to bet from a cell phone?

To finish the navigation topic, it’s important to mention that Pinnacle also allows you to place your bets from your cell phone by using its app: Pinnacle Mobile. The layout is very similar to what we’ve seen so far with the difference being that it fits the screen of a mobile.

The big pro here is that it allows you to never miss opportunities even away from your computer. The app works fine on reduced screen as well. It’s a good way to keep up with the markets when you’re out on the street or at work (but don’t skip work, huh?!), for example.

Pinnacle is missing some bonuses and promotions

Faltam bônus e promoções para a Pinnacle

If you’re the kind of person who likes promotions and bonuses offered by bookmakers, this is where Pinnacle may end up disappointing you a bit.

Pinnacle basically doesn’t work with promotions and bonuses for its users. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s a professional bookie and its marketing is based on two aspects: competitive odds and the acceptance of profitable bettors.

Truth is: recreational bookmakers create their bonuses as a way to attract new users, so in a way Pinnacle believes it can do the same without using this kind of marketing. If it’s something you consider essential, you can check our list of bookies that offer bonuses.

Of course that for professional bettors who think of making money with the bets, these bonuses aren’t very important. However, it’s still something that could be improved by the platform.

Good variety of payment methods on Pinnacle

If Pinnacle somewhat fails when it comes to promotions and bonuses, the same cannot be said of their payment methods. In general, the main forms of transfer are available on the website:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • E-wallet (EcoPayz, Neteller and AstroPay)
  • AstroPay Card
  • Bitcoins

As you can see, the options available range from traditional banking methods to digital wallets and even includes deposits with cryptocurrencies.

Another interesting thing is that the methods themselves already show you the maximum values that can be transferred. As a professional betting site, Pinnacle works with high limits on their bets.

A downside of bank transfers is that given the internationalization of Pinnacle the fields for bank transfers can be more difficult to fill out.

We have a specific article explaining how to deposit on Pinnacle. You can check it if you still have any questions about how the process works.

Excellent sports and championships coverage

Sports coverage is an aspect we cannot complain about Pinnacle. Besides the worldwide famous football, they also cover bets on tennis, on basketball, on volleyball or on American football, for example. 

And we don’t stop there. The range of options on this bookmaker is quite wide, including traditional sports like the ones already mentioned and alternative bets (such as entertainment, politics and crossfit) and even the modern eSports.

Regarding competitions, coverage is also quite complete. Obviously the greater the popularity of a sport, the greater its coverage. Football, e.g., has a pretty good number of championships featured. 

Even though they’ve been improving a lot in this area, Pinnacle still can’t beat Bet365. This second bookie, by the way, is quite famous for covering much smaller championships and we don’t always find these tournaments on other platforms. It’s already possible to explore a good part of the main state championship (football) there. For those who like alternative competitions, however, it can be a problem.

Which are the main markets on Pinnacle?

Quais são os principais mercados da Pinnacle?

When we talk about betting markets, yet again we have an important difference between a professional bookmaker and its recreational competitors. The focus of the professional one is on presenting competitive odds.

What do we mean by that? That the number of markets offered on Pinnacle is very small when compared to Betmotion or Bet365 itself. In other words, those alternative (and very creative) markets won’t be found around here.

For those who use traditional markets when placing their bets, this won’t be a problem. Match Odds, Over/Under, Correct Score and Handicap, for example, are present in the majority of sporting events.

eSports betting on Pinnacle

eSports are leading the growth in sports betting. No competitions have gained such attention among bettors as this one. And Pinnacle has already noticed the needs for this market so much that the company created an exclusive page for the category that is highlighted on its top menu. Check how beautiful it is:

Apostas em e-sports na Pinnacle

Here’s a list of eSports available to bet on Pinnacle:

  • CS:GO
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends (LOL)
  • Starcraft
  • Overwatch
  • Warcraft
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • World of Tanks
  • Hearthstone
  • Rocket League
  • King of Glory

Do you want to learn how to bet on CS:GO?
eSports’ growth provide a new opportunity for bettor so, in partnership with Pinnacle, we’ve created a specific course for betting on CS:GO. Click on the button below to find out how it works:

Pinnacle has the best odds in the market

A Pinnacle possui as melhores odds do mercado

If alternative markets aren’t on Pinnacle, there’s a reason for that: the platform focuses its energy on offering the best odds in the market. You can compare it with the other bookies we recommend by yourself. Most of the time the best odds will be here. 

So what’s the impact of this? If the odds are better, it means you’re going to win more money for the same event which makes all the difference for the bettor’s long term investments.

Just as an example, let’s suppose that the same bet has odds of 1.90 on Bet365 and 2.00 on Pinnacle. A Pinnacle hit would end up paying 10% more for the same event with the same risk. If we add these differences over time, the profits end up becoming more consistent. That’s why this bookmaker is professionals’ favorite.

Customer Service is a bit limited

Talking about customer service, Pinnacle ends up disappointing in variety. You have the traditional contact channel where you send a message and wait for a response via email. However, the bookie doesn’t provide real-time chat.

In the current context of sports betting, this can be considered a negative point. The service isn’t bad, but almost every other websites have faster support. It’s a good improvement opportunity for the company.

On the positive side, we can mention that the support area offers an excellent Q&A section and sometimes you can solve your problem just by using its Help Center.

Pinnacle doesn’t limit its profitable users

A Pinnacle não limita seus usuários lucrativos

Finally, one of Pinnacle’s greatest differentials is the fact that it accepts profitable users. This means that no matter how much money you earn, there won’t be account restrictions — as it often happens on profitable betting sites.

That’s why it’s so used by professional bettors. On this website, you don’t have to worry about not earning money to maintain your account. This happens naturally on Pinnacle.


How about creating your account on Pinnacle?

This was our complete review on Pinnacle! I hope you enjoyed it and that most of your questions about the pros and cons of this bookmaker are answered.

This is a perfect platform for those who already have some time in sports betting and are seeking for a professional career. Having the best odds in the market, high betting limits and making sure your account won’t be restricted are important factors for any bettor.

So once again you’re invited to create your account on Pinnacle, which is considered one of the best platforms for betting among bettors worldwide.

Create your account to bet on Pinnacle
Pinnacle is one of bettors’ favorite bookmakers. In addition to having the best odds in the market, it still doesn’t restrict its users. Create your account by clicking on the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pinnacle

As a professional betting site, Pinnacle tends to bring some questions to our users. To help you out, we’ve organized below the most common questions we’ve receive about this betting site and you just have to clink on the questions you have to see the answer.



O valor mínimo para depositar na Pinnacle depende do método que você escolher para transferir o seu dinheiro. Cada um deles possui condições diferentes para valores mínimos e também para o prazo de processamento.

How to create an account on Pinnacle?

Creating an account on Pinnacle is pretty easy. The process, by the way, is very similar to any type of online registration where all you’ve got to do it share some basic data. Take a loot at our tutorial to register on Pinnacle if you face any difficulties.

Criar uma conta na Pinnacle é bem tranquilo. O processo, aliás, é bem parecido com qualquer tipo de cadastro online, bastando compartilhar alguns dados básicos. Veja o nosso tutorial para se cadastrar na Pinnacle caso enfrente qualquer dificuldade.

How to deposit on Pinnacle?

You won’t face any trouble depositing on Pinnacle. The available methods are very popular such as bank transfer, digital wallets and even cryptocurrencies.

Apesar de ser um site de apostas global, você não terá dificuldade para depositar na Pinnacle. Os métodos disponíveis são bem populares como boleto bancário, transferência bancária, carteiras virtuais e até mesmo criptomoedas.

How to withdraw from Pinnacle?

When you want to withdraw your profits, the process is very similar to depositing. You basically have the same options for cashing out your Pinnacle earnings. 

Na hora que você quiser resgatar os seus lucros, o processo é muito parecido com o depósito. Você tem, basicamente, as mesmas opções para sacar os seus lucros na Pinnacle. A exceção é o boleto bancário. Por motivos de segurança, a plataforma pode exigir que o saque seja feito pelo mesmo método do depósito.

Is Pinnacle trustworthy?

Absolutely! Not only is Pinnacle a widely trusted betting site with years in business, it’s also one of the most used bookies by professional punters. You can use this platform with peace of mind.

Com toda certeza! A Pinnacle não apenas é amplamente confiável, com anos de mercado, como é um dos sites de apostas mais utilizados pelos apostadores profissionais. Você pode usar essa plataforma com toda tranquilidade.

Does Pinnacle restrict its profitable users?

No, Pinnacle doesn’t restric its profitable users. Actually, this is one of the greatest differentials on the platform. You can place your bets, be profitable and not worry about the values you can use in the markets. 

Não, a Pinnacle não limita seus usuários lucrativos. Esse é, aliás, um dos grandes diferenciais da plataforma. Você pode fazer suas apostas, ser lucrativo e não se preocupar com os valores que poderá utilizar nos mercados.

Does Pinnacle offer bonuses?

No, Pinnacle doesn’t work with bonuses and promotions. These are features beginners tend to look for, but the focus of this betting site is on professional bettors so Pinnacle tries to offer the best odds, but without working with promotional offers. 

Não, a Pinnacle não trabalha com bônus e promoções. Essas são características muito buscadas pelos apostadores iniciantes, mas o foco desse site de apostas está nos apostadores profissionais. Assim, a Pinnacle se esforça em oferecer as melhores cotações, mas sem trabalhar com ofertas promocionais.

What’s the minimum deposit on Pinnacle?

The minimum amount to deposit on Pinnacle depends on the method you choose to transfer your money. Each one of them has different conditions for minimum amounts and processing time. 

O valor mínimo para depositar na Pinnacle depende do método que você escolher para transferir o seu dinheiro. Cada um deles possui condições diferentes para valores mínimos e também para o prazo de processamento.


Written by

Humberto Alves

Hi there! You can call me Beto! I'm 32 years old, graduated in Business Management and now I'm doing my second degree in Statistics and Data Science, which is really helpful to bring the Machine Learning models applied in sports betting that you see here. Even though I'm in this betting world since 2010, there's still a lot to be learned.

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