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Betting Sites

Best Betting Sites in Kenya

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Top Kenyan betting sites recommended for you

Are you ready to get to know the best betting sites based on a careful selection made by us from Bets Kenya?

Great! We’ve selected a list with complete reviews about the best betting sitesfor those who want to start betting or finding a new website. Besides that, you still can get exclusive bonus that we offer from each of them.

We know that we cannot simply trust our money to any website, that’s why we have put a lot of effort into choosing the best betting sites for you to deposit.

Which are the best betting sites?

They are right below, alongside our ratings and a complete review with everything that could interest you when it comes to a sports betting website.

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Betika is a popular betting site in Kenya, offering an exciting gaming experience. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at Betika and its features, ensuring you have all the information you need before getting started. Betika has gained a strong reputation among Kenyan bettors due to its user-friendly platform, competitive odds […]
General Score
User Experience
Bonus & Promotions
Payment Methods
Markets & Odds
Customer Support
Those who already make their bets on Bet365 know it very well: Bet365 has as its trademark the huge variety of sports, championships and markets for those looking to invest in the sports market. That being said, if you’re just starting in sports betting, it’s a great deal to get started on this website. Besides, […]
General Score
Bonuses and Promotions
Payment Methods
Clube da Aposta is always looking for the best bookmakers available in the market and as you probably already know, Pinnacle has joined our list of recommendations. So today we’re going to completely analyse this platform with all its pros and cons. Pinnacle is currently one of the main bookmakers out there being often used […]
General Score
Bonuses and Promotions
Payment Methods
Markets and Odds
Betfair is more than just a bookmaker: it’s the largest sports exchange in the world. This means that just like in the Stock Exchange, you can trade your bets in real time and that’s what makes it so attractive to most bettors. Given this scenario, we can say that no betting site stands out in […]
General Score
Bonuses and Promotions
Payment Methods
Markets and Odds
Betmotion has been a great reference in Latin America for some years now. The platform, which was a great reference in American territory because of bingo and poker, is now covering sports betting. If you like to follow poker nights on ESPN channels, then you must have seen some tables being frequented by renowned players […]
General Score
Bonuses and Promotions
Payment Methods
Markets and Odds

Our methodology to review betting sites

During our 10 years in the betting market, we have already participated in a series of events and surveys with our users that allowed us to choose some factors considered the most relevant among bettors when choosing a betting platform.

These factors are precisely those that we’ve used while reviewing. They are:

  • Navigation: a good experience is essential to use a betting site. There’s nothing worse than having to wait a long time for information on a page to load or having trouble finding the desired markets.
  • Bonuses and Promos: new users like something that catch their attention in order to create their accounts. And many bookies offer bonuses and promos as an incentive.
  • Payment Methods: you care about how you use your money, right? So know that we insist on assessing if the bookmakers offer good methods to make a deposit and also to withdraw our capital.
  • Markets and Odds: a wonderful layout is nothing special without good betting options, isn’t it? This is another factor that we keep an eye on, as well as the odds offered which, after all, will define our potential profit with the investment.
  • Support: finally, we need reliable betting websites that can offer us a good service in case of any difficulties. This is the fifth item analysed during our assessment.
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The bonuses from bookies

Bonus Casas Apostas

Bonuses are an excellent way to encourage new deposits. Some bookies offer very attractive conditions. Above you checked the best ones according to our reviews. But we also have a page dedicated to the bonuses from bookies and it’s totally worthy checking it out.

So, here are some bookmakers that are worth checking out! Read all the information carefully before you sign-in and start betting.

Check what kind of bonuses it is offering, read the terms and conditions and mainly the rollover (this article explains what is rollover in details) for each bonus because they’re always changing!

Which betting sites have cash out?

One of the tools that beginners are most excited about when looking for bookies is the cash out. It is nothing but a way to “end” a bet, ensuring the profit or avoiding losses before the end of the match.

Currently, many betting sites offer this feature. We can mention as examples Bet365, 188Bet and Betmotion. Check below how this feature works.

However, this is not a recommended thing to do on traditional sites as they settle a new profit margin. In other words, in the long run the cash out is not the best option for the bettor.

There is a change of scenery on Betfair since it’s a betting exchange. There, the profits come from users’ comissions so cash out becomes fair. If you want to end your bets and reduce your risk, then you should check this platform for your sports investments.

Which are the bookmakers with the best odds?

Casas Apostas Melhores Odda

One of the most evaluated criteria by bettors are the odds offered by the betting sites. This is really important since it’ll define what your potential profits from your investments will be.

In this case, if you are already consistent in sports betting look for professional sites. Pinnacle, for example, is one of the main references when it comes to quotes with low profit margins and high limits for bettors.

Yet, there are competitive alternatives. 188Bet, for example, is usually very close to Pinnacle in this matter, becoming an excellent alternative. Besides them, Betfair itself has a very good offer when you use the Exchange Market.

How do bookmakers set the odds?

Como Casas Apostas Calculam Odds

There are many methods to calculate odds. In the case of bookmakers, they resort to advanced and automated systems, taking advantage of their extensive database. To do this they invest heavily, aside from adding their profit margin in the odds.

That’s why, after all, it becomes so challenging to win the betting sites in practice. With so many resources and investments, bookies tend to be very accurate when pricing matches. Thus, a punter must also pay attention to the expected value when placing their bets.

Bookmakers with bonuses

Another thing that really catches our users’ attention are the bonuses offered by betting websites. And on most platforms, promotions are a big part of it as well.

There are basically two types of bonuses currently offered:

  • Deposit bonus: when you deposit an amount, the betting site will increase it for you. Withdrawals are allowed after putting a certain amount into circulation, a thing called rollover.
  • Freebet bonus: in this case, as the name suggests, the betting site offers an amount that you can bet without having to use your own capital.

Among our recommendations, Betfair, 188Bet, Bet365 and Betmotion are sites that offer bonuses to their users. Don’t forget to read the rules and conditions before participating in a promotion.

Bookies with corners markets

A market that has been growing a lot in the sports betting world is the corners market (corner kick). Its success has been making betting sites offer it more often, even though it’s not guaranteed that it will happen in every game.

The greatest reference for this market is Bet365. You will have the corner market in virtually every game on this platform. Other sites have also been offering the corner market (for example Pinnacle).

Is it possible to win on bookies?

Possivel Ganhar Casas Apostas

A very common question among beginners is whether it is possible or not to profit with sports betting. And of course the answer is affirmative! However, this doesn’t mean that it’s easy: it’s necessary to create a method, keep up with the market and know what to do in difficult times.

In practice, betting results are a set of factors that balance your hit rate with the odds. The higher the quote, the less you need to hit it. This is called Win Rate.

Which bookmakers accept Neteller?

Quais Casas Apostas Aceitam Neteller

Neteller is a digital wallet (e-wallet) that became famous as an intermediary of the financial resources process between your bank account and bookmakers. Initially, it was the most used by the market.

Recently, Neteller restarted its operations in most countries and remains an excellent method to manage your money. And the good news is that most betting sites accept this e-wallet for deposits.

Which betting site do not limit accounts?

In the betting market, there are some bookies considered recreational, which means they are aimed for people who think of this market as a pastime. That is why they tend to limit the bets of users who start to have a lot of profit.

So if you want to take your bets seriously you will need a professional bookmaker at some point. It’s Pinnacle’s case, a site that officially declares they accept winning players, and also Betfair’s case, a sports exchange that has a different revenue model than traditional bookmakers.

Betting sites with live streaming to follow the games

For those who like to bet live, watching the games is extremely important. This way, having access to a good quality streaming is a big differential that can be offered by bookies.

In the current market, three sites deserve a spotlight. First place goes to Bet365, with an excellent streaming service to be envied by many sports channels. Besides it, 188Bet and Betfair also offer this feature, but in a lower quantity of games.

Do you need more information on betting sites? Right below we left our full articles about each plataform. Read, have fun and good profits. Before you do it, we reinforce once again the invitation to access the best betting sites nowadays:

Frequently asked questions about bookmakers

Which are the best bookmakers?

We can find a lot of reliable bookmakers on the internet like Betfair, Bet365, 188bet, among others, it all dependes on what kind of bettor you are.

Are bookmakers trustworthy?

There are several levels of bookmakers currently in the market. The first level is occupied by those that are regulated and inspected. This group is extremely trustworthy. All of our recommendations have this certification. For other sites, we recommend that you evaluate the inspections made there before investing.

How can I deposit on bookmakers?

The bookies offer many deposit methods for their users. It’s quite common that they allow you to transfer your money by bank slip, bank transfer, credit card or e-wallet. Moreover, in some cases even the usage of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins) is allowed.

How can I withdraw from bookmakers?

If you want to withdraw money from bookies to your bank account, you can use bank transfer or send it to an e-wallets. Usually, websites ask you to redeem the money from the same one you sent it from for security reasons.

Which bookies sponsor soccer teams?

Many bookmakers already invest in Football as sponsors of soccer teams. Some examples are (Arsenal, Southampton), Bet365 (Stoke City), Betway (WestHam), among others.

Which bookmakers offer bonuses?

The great majority of bookies offer bonuses as a welcome gift for their users. The most common one is that the offer is a 100% bonus on the initial deposit (up to USD 30), but it may vary. To check some sites that offer welcome bonuses we recommend you to read this article.

What are Asian bookies?

Asian bookies are sports betting companies that have some special features like high limits on sports investments, competitive quotes and not limiting users with high profits. They are named this way because the majority of them is based in Asian countries.

Which are the bookmakers that do not limit?

Just a few bookies do not limit profitable users because they cause losses to the companies’ capital. If you’re looking foward betting without limitations, Pinnacle is the best example of a betting site that doesn’t limit. Betfair, exclusively in Exchange Mode, doesn’t limit their users either.

The best bookies for you